You may know me as a sensual masseuse, providing sublime body-to-body eroticism, bringing men and women to euphoria with nothing but my hands. Even three years later, mapping your skin still brings me flushed, slow-burning desire. Hours of teasing, tickling, tugging, tracing, seared into my memory, stimulating my curious imagination...


I want more.


I want to hear your breath quicken, see your skin flush. That glimmer of eager passion, concern, excitement in your eye. I want to rush into you, desperate like a young lover. I want to revel in you, luxuriate in our newfound intimacy.


Will you explore uncharted territory with me?

2 hour - $1,100

3 hour - $1,500

4 hour - $1,800

5 hour - $2,000

Clock-free day/evening - $2,800

Sleepover - $3,500