• Mara White

'Tis the season to share

This holiday season, I’ve partnered with a local house of worship and the organization Helping our Northern Neighbours to send women’s personal care items and menstrual hygiene products to a town in Northwest Territories.

For those who may not know, the cost of living in Northern Canada is incredibly high; a weekly supply of groceries and necessities can easily top $1000. Our donation will help our neighbours ease the stress of obtaining basic living supplies.

I’m seeking donations of the following items:

  • menstrual hygiene products (please prioritize chemical-free and reusable products): tampons, pads, pantiliners, menstrual cups (divacup, softcup, etc), menstrual sponges

  • deodorant/antiperspirant

  • razors, replacement blades

  • facial cleanser, moisturizer

  • body wash, moisturizer

  • makeup, makeup remover

For those that prefer to leave the shopping to me, I’m happy to accept cash, e-transfer, or gift cards to Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, A photo of all purchases alongside a photo of the receipt will be made available.

I am accepting donations until December 30. I’m happy to accept physical donations (items, gift cards, cash) during session and e-transfer and e-gift card at any time, directed to my discreet email address provided upon request. The donation will be mailed to NWT in the first week of January.

Thank you immensely for your consideration and support!