• Mara White

MW v08.10.2020 Release Notes

It’s been a few months and so much has happened. I guess a global pandemic will have that effect, huh? Let’s take some time to catch up!

Quarantine started with a strong sense of confusion and anxiety, as one would expect. Not only was there the stress of dodging anti-maskers at the grocery store, but the stress of an emergency surgery for my sweet pup Wilbur (Wilbur doesn’t get many mentions – he is a Country Dog, so since our move west he’s been boarding in rural Ontario with loving friends). Given the circumstances, I made the decision to temporarily relocate to the country to nurse my little friend back to health.

I’ve since been spending my days barefoot and sun-kissed with my wobbly Willy by my side, revelling in nature and partial solitude. From raising tadpoles, tending to houseplants, flower and vegetable plots, watching birds hatch and flowers bloom, I’ve lost myself in the splendour of the outdoors. My hands are dirty and my heart is full.

Alas, the days move quickly, and it’s nearing time for me to part with Wilbur once again to resume my life in the Big City. However, it would be foolish to pretend life will continue on as before; the world is different now and like the rest of us, I’m making changes to stay current.

First and foremost, I’ve developed a comprehensive response in regards to COVID-19. I do expect you to read this in full, but for the meantime, the short version of what to expect: I’m only available to host, now require deposits for bookings, will ask COVID-19 screening questions, perform temperature tests at my door, and, as always, employ strict cleaning standards at my studio. Masked sessions are of course available.

I will be increasing my rates come September 1st. Those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at least thrice since Jan 2019 are welcome to continue to compensate me at my current rates, as well as those that place a 50% deposit for a future 90 minute+ date by August 31st.

And finally, the news we’ve waited since March for – it’s time for our blissful reunion. Reach out now to take advantage of my limited availability August 16th through 21st.

That’s about all from me for now, so hang tight until I peek back in next week armed with new rates, new service offerings, and an abundance of mouthwatering new images.

See you soon!

Mara xx