Physical Distancing Options

Week three of quarantine, and the cabin fever is real. Or, so I've heard... as a long-time homebody with a bit of experience with the whole "social isolation" shindig, I am in my element (well, as much as one can be during a global crisis). Hours of time spent with myself has taught me a few things; allow me to bestow you with the fruits of my laborious research.

A person needs three "somethings" in a time of isolation: someone to talk to, something to do, and something to look forward to. 


And boy, have I got some somethings for you.

No Small Talk

Someone to talk to.

From the weather, hesitant flirtation, to downright dirty, you and I both know I could carry a conversation with the brickest of walls. Let my coy wit and conversational charm brighten your day from the safety of your own home.

15 min.....$35

30 min.....$65

45 min.....$90

60 min.....$110

75 min.....$130

90 min.....$160

I'm happy to discuss bundles of calls and/or calls of longer duration! 

Phone calls only available to those I've had the pleasure of meeting at least twice.

Looking Ahead

Something to look forward to.

Separation truly does make the heart grow fonder; how amazing it will feel to share body heat again! Let's give each other something to dream about...


Place the following deposit and  I'll add an extra half hour to our eventual date, my treat. 

1.5 hour.....$200 deposit

2 hour.....$250 deposit

3 hour.....$340 deposit

4 hour.....$400 deposit

5 hour.....$500 deposit

One of each extended date will be available at the following rates, first-come, first-serve. Deposit required to claim.

Clockfree.....$1100.....$600 deposit

Sleepover 10h.....$1500.....$750 deposit

Sleepover 16h........$2200.....$1100 deposit

Scheduling of future sessions dependent upon advisement of health officials. Deposits made under this promotion are non-refundable. 

Walking Distance

Something to do.

We'll explore the desolate downtown cityscape together, always leaving space for Jesus to quite literally lay down between us (assuming he was a star centre in the Nazarean Basketball Association).  Despite the required distance, my eager company is sure to warm you to the core.

20 min.....$60

30 min.....$80

45 min.....$120

60 min.....$150

75 min.....$175

90 min.....$200

I'm happy to discuss bundles of walks and/or walks of longer duration!

Walks available to all within downtown Toronto. First-time clients may book a minimum 30-min walk with a non-refundable deposit for a future 90-min+ session.

Brass Tacks


MAGGIE'S COVID-19 SUPPORT FUND and I'll extend our reunion date by half an hour, my treat. Can be combined with Looking Ahead promotion for a full hour!

Proof of donation required. If you're unable to donate for discretion or any other reason, I'm more than happy to accept the funds and pass them along on your behalf. Proof of all transactions will be made available for transparency.


Contact me at (or on my cell) to make arrangements for our contactless shenanigans. 

For the time being, I request that funds be transferred electronically if at all possible. I am able to accept e-transfer, BTC, ETH, PC gift card at this time. For your discretion, I have an alternate email address -- please ask me for it if you do not know it.

Any support at this time is accepted with great appreciation. Thank you all so much for your continued friendship and support!