For Femme

Yes, you've finally found it -- erotic massage geared towards those of femme experience, including cis- and trans- women and folks of non-binary identity.  I am happy to welcome you to my cozy financial district studio, or invite me to your upscale hotel within downtown Toronto.

All sessions begin with shared conversation over a beverage or a small bite. Once acquainted, I'll invite you to freshen up before finding our way to the bed. To begin, I'll use a combination of gentle, rhythmic strokes to massage every inch of your body. After thoroughly exploring the landscape of your skin, I will remove my brassiere and caress your body with my own, inviting you to explore my soft curves. I love to tease, lightly kiss, and enjoy gentle touch on my breasts and over my Calvin Kleins.

This massage can be goal-oriented or simply exploratory. For the goal-oriented, I recommend the use of an aid as I hone my skill. Please bring your preferred toy with you, as my collection is limited. 

Introductory rate*

$200/90 minutes

Make it a lunch date


Make it a dinner date


*This rate expires Feb 29/20

For longer sessions, please refer to "Packages" as listed here

Phone call mandatory to confirm femme/nb session

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