Be sure to read my COVID-19 policies before reaching out.

Returning clients: Those familiar with my phone number or email are welcome to send a message at any time. 

Fellow providers seeking a client reference, email me at

This email is solely for other adult entertainers, any client attempting to reach me via this email will automatically be blacklisted.

First time clients: We only get one chance at a first impression; make yours succinct and pleasant and we'll be sure to get along. Messages missing any of the following required information or requesting single hour dates will not receive a reply.

First & last name

Cell phone number

Preferred date & time start-finish

Booking type-Massage or Companionship

Availability & preference to receive responses

I can be reached at:

You've just arrived at my location...

If we are meeting at my place, I will give you detailed instructions regarding finding and entering my studio. To maintain the privacy and discretion of my studio, I expect these instructions to be followed exactly. Please be confident in your actions and do not call me on the phone or mention my name while in the lobby or common areas of my building. Upon arriving on my floor, do not knock on the door of my studio. If the door does not swing open immediately, send me a quick text to let me know that you're at my door. Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance, so please keep your voice low and wait to verbally greet me until the door has closed, and avoid "shop talk" while near the door of my studio. Upon arrival at my studio, your temperature will be checked. If your temperatures are elevated past 37.8 Celsius I will unfortunately be forced to refuse service and will expect full compensation for your reserved time. If your temperatures are normal, outerwear must immediately be removed and hands must be washed. I ask that you immediately disrobe and shower as well. Please leave your clothing and personal items on or in provided hooks, hangers, and baskets in the washroom. Fresh slippers and robes will be offered. Mouthwash and all other toiletries have been relocated from the washroom and will be dispensed at your request. Once you are done with any toiletries please leave them in the shower, and any robes, towels, or slippers can be left in the provided laundry basket.

You've confirmed your booking with me, but something comes up...

Life can be messy, and sometimes cancelling a rendezvous is necessary. My cancellation policy is as follows: Cancellation 48+ hours prior to booking: I expect a $50 administrative fee to be sent at time of cancellation. Cancellation within 48 hours of booking: I expect a 50% cancellation fee to be sent at the time of cancellation and will require a 100% nonrefundable deposit for any future bookings. Cancellation fees and deposits are payable via e-transfer or e-gift card to a retailer of my suggestion, directed to my alternate, discreet email address.

Your booking is in a few hours...

Ready my consideration by tucking it into an unsealed envelope, hallmark card, or book from my reading list. I accept Canadian dollars both in cash and via e-transfer, and American dollars at par. Let me know at the time of booking if you would like to pay via e-transfer as I require payment to be sent and password to be provided before we meet to ensure availability of funds. Prepare yourself as you would for a date, or dinner with a friend; freshly shaven, comfortably dressed, recently showered. If you have a beverage to share, wait for me to arrive to pop the cork. Call the front desk for some extra towels -- I require at least one for myself, and one to protect your linens from massage oil. If you're feeling extra generous and would like to spoil me, gifts and/or cash tips are greatly appreciated. Find inspiration for personalized trinkets on my wishlist.

You have a fetish and/or fantasy....

The world of kink, fetish, and fantasy is a vast, wonderful place, and I would love to explore it with you! Fetish and fantasy sessions are only available to those that I have had the pleasure of meeting at least thrice and have prior experience with kink. However, I ask that you do not mention this in an email or text -- bring it up during our fourth or later booking, so we can take some time to properly discuss our fantasies, boundaries, etc, and plan for our kinky session. Consent is not only sexy, it's non-negotiable.

You'd like to see another adult entertainer, but they require a reference...

Contact me if you'd like to list me as a reference. I do not release identifying details without your express consent.

You're apprehensive about sending a deposit...

If I've asked you for a deposit, don't be alarmed (and don't take it personally). No, I'm not running a scam, I don't want to find out your banking information, and I won't take off with your cash. A deposit is a great way to demonstrate your intent and excitement for our time together. Deposits are payable via e-transfer or e-gift card to retailers of my suggestion. E-transfers and e-gift cards must be directed to my alternate, discreet email address. Any deposit I collect will be applied to your booking, so if you've paid a deposit you'll only need to provide the remainder of the funds in cash at the beginning of our booking. Deposits are nonrefundable in the event that you cancel within 72 hours of our booking, or in the event that I deem that our booking is unsafe to proceed with in any way. In the rare event that I have collected a deposit, but I need to cancel, you will have the option of a full refund or to apply the deposit to a future booking.

You and your partner are looking for an erotic couples experience...

At this time, I do not facilitate couples.

You had a great time with me and would like to share your experience on a review board...

I am always excited to learn that our time together was as special and fun for you as it was for myself. Having said that, I am not the type to kiss and tell. I have a no-review and no discussion policy, and ask that you respect my wishes to not be discussed publicly or privately on review boards. If you'd like to send me a testimonial to post on the front page of my site. please do not hesitate to pen a brief. pg-13 note and send it to me directly.