Spoiled rotten: gifts that both you and I can enjoy.

Paint the town red:


Stand by: 

-Lov                                    -Woodlot

-Bar Raval                         -Bar Isabel

-Ki                                       -Rosalinda

-Harbour 60                     -Selam 

-Planta                                -Il Fornello

Must try:

-Avelo                                  -Alo


Stand by:

-Royal Ontario Museum

-Toronto Raptors

-Reservoir Lounge

-Toronto Island

-Royal Botanical Gardens

Must Try:

-Hammam Spa


-Toronto FC

-Art Gallery Ontario 

Field of dreams:
Few things in life are more important to me than my plants (priorites, right?). A list of dream additions for my indoor garden:
-Ficus Lyriata
-Monkey tail cactus
-Sponsor a plant consultation
Because plants need a yearly checkup too!

Only the essentials:

To Stay Connected

-Windows Surface Pro 7

Platinum/Intel core i7/16GB/256GB/no office/complete for surface with accident damage coverage

-Surface Pro Signature Type Cover ice blue

-Surface Arc Mouse ice blue

-Adata SD700 External SSD

For Good Health

-Vitamix 7500

-Volcano Hybrid

-Pet Store Gift Cards 

For my feline friends. Any chain within downtown Toronto is appreciated

To Stay in Vogue

-Alltrueist Gift Cards

Reading list:
Some titles I've been lusting after. Brand new or well-loved, all books are greatfully received.
-The Argonauts / Maggie Nelson
-In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts / Dr. Gabor Maté
-A Thousand Beginnings and Endings / Ellen Oh and Elise Chapman
-The Reality Bubble / Ziya Tong
-David and Goliath / Malcolm Gladwell
-Empire of Magic / Geraldine Heng
-The Vagina Bible / Dr. Jen Gunter
-Burn It Down / Lilly Dancyger
-The Vital Psoas Muscle / Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones
-Give and Take / Adam Grant
-Revolting Prostitutes / Juno Mac and Molly Smith