Independent sensual masseuse

in downtown Toronto

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Mara White, East-coast cutie and sensual massage artist.

I'm a sweet, eager young lady of twenty-eight, living in the city after pursuing my education. A deep intrinsic experimental and nurturing streak fueled my desire to offer massage, to share an intimate connection with other people seeking the same, while fulfilling a sexy fantasy and providing an escape from the day-to-day grind.


I stand five-foot-five, petite, athletic and proportionate, with perky breasts and a pert behind. Lush brunette hair adds to my sex appeal, and a cheeky grin on an innocent face belies what’s in store for you. I love to have fun, and I love to tease.

Sweet nothings

"I've only met a rare few people in life this easy to be around. She takes care of the body but Mara gives of herself to take care of the mind as well. She revels in her beauty, grace and sensuality.  She will model for you, she will talk with you, she will understand you and she will take care of you. 

Words cannot describe how much I enjoy her smile and laugh.. I've had the pleasure of multiple sessions with Mara and it never gets mundane.  She feels totally engaged and present. No session has ever been quite the same and I'm always yearning to come back."

Now that I've piqued your interest... Where to next?